Counting Our Blessings


Ding Dong, Ding Dong Christmas Time is Here!

Andrew 3, Dominic 2, and Sylvia 10 months

 After our traditional Christmas Eve lasagna dinner we watched the movie Polar Express.  It was truly magical watching it with the kids.  The boys were amazed!
 On Christmas morning Santa brought Andrew a camera, Dominic a bridge for his trains, and Sylvia a walk-a-long stroller.


Happy 90th Birthday Great Grandma Frances

Big Boy in Undies

Dominic started wearing underwear at 2 years and 3 months old.  He still wears diapers for naps and bedtime but he's doing a great job at potty training. 

First day in underwear and he has already mastered the lounging position.  He must have been taking notes from dad!


Preparing for Christmas

This year Andrew and I prepared for Christmas by decorating a Jesse Tree.  Everyday we read a story in the Jesus Storybook Bible and put the corresponding ornament on the tree.  I had very low expectations and was just sure that it wouldn't last for more than a week.  But Andrew surprised me.  He actually enjoyed reading the bible and putting on the ornaments.  After I put Dominic and Sylvia down for naps, Andrew would always remind me it was "bible time".  I really enjoyed spending this time with Andrew and will definitely plan on doing it again next year. 

Another success this Advent was baking with the boys.  I chose something really easy and had to keep reminding myself that it was OK if they made a mess.  Overall, it was a lot of fun and the boys had a great time eating their goodies!







Sylvie started drinking from a sippy cup at 10 months old.  I was telling Jarod that I was sort of surprised that she grabbed the cup the first time I gave it to her and started sucking away.  It took a while for both the boys to figure it out.  Jarod wasn't suprised at all.  He said that's because she's been drinking from the boys' cups for months now!  They leave them on the floor and Sylvie's the first one to find them.